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Is Digital Marketing The 51st Shade Of Grey?

Not sure about that. I just wanted to grab your attention!

And now that I have, would you mind scrolling down?

Does the word Marketing always make you think of those salesmen that knocked on your gates at the worst possible hours of the day?

Is Marketing synonymous with just sales to you? 

But what about Digital Marketing?

Do you think it is more effective?

Do you find the concepts of Digital Marketing too complex to crack?

If you said ‘yes’ to most of the above-mentioned questions, then let me assure you that I have been there myself. Being brought up in an era where Marketing was only about ads and colorful pamphlets stuck to your newspapers, we could never see marketing in a good light. But Digital Marketing is a whole new ball game. It’s like a revamped version, but more effective and less costly. 

But if learning about Digital Marketing still makes you nervous, then wait till the end of this article, because I am here to break it for you, word by word. 

 The Fundamentals of Marketing

To begin with let me just tell you that if right now you have a hundred questions going around in your head, then you are on the right track because Marketing is an ocean in itself, and in fact, every branch of Marketing is too deep a sea to dive in. 

But just we’ve been taught in school to get our A, B, C’s right before we jump onto learning Apple, Ball, and Cat, it is important that we get our fundamentals right.

Marketing is based on Science and not Creativity.

Yes, you do not necessarily have to be very creative to be a marketer. It is important to understand the science behind how to make people buy your product. A few rich English words wouldn’t get a customer buy from you, but understanding their needs and giving them what they need will definitely do the job. 

For most of us, Marketing seems to be a process that is initiated after the product is created and launched in the market. Well, that is how it looks like from the outside, but now that you are getting closer to learning about it, let me tell you that IT IS NOT TRUE. 

Marketing starts much before the product is even made. It is essential to create a need for your product in the market before it is launched. It helps in selling the product naturally. Instead of launching a product just because you think you should, invest your time, energy, and even money if required to research the market and see if your product even has a need in the market. and once you establish that, send the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Did the last line take you for a spin? If it did, then all I meant was once you know your audience well, then you’ll be able to understand their needs. And once you know what your customer wants from you, you can directly sell it to them. They WILL buy it! 

Also, do not ever make the mistake of believing that marketing ends right where you make a sale. It is an ongoing process, and an integral part of good marketing involves keeping in touch with your existing clients. Somebody who bought your product once has more chances of buying it again.

Also because they have derived a utility out of your product they would be more interested in sending out feedback on what more would they like, or how can you improvise your product.

Now isn’t that a good tip?

This way you’ll be able to build trust with your existing clients who will eventually serve as your brand ambassadors and get you more clients. Word-of-mouth is the BEST marketing strategy there ever has been! That is what leads you to build Mass Trust. 

CATT Marketing Funnel

As someone who is regularly browsing through various blogs and articles on Digital Marketing, you might have made yourself aware of the term Marketing Funnel by now. 

But do you really understand what that is? 

In case you did; great job. But if you haven’t, then sit up straight and pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

But before getting there, let me tell you that you need to select a niche’ for yourself before you plan to market your product. Selecting a niche’ is almost getting halfway to success. Just to make it simple for you, your niche’ should be a perfect blend of talent and passion and market demand. 

Unless you do not make sure that all three of them are well adjusted with each other, you’ll have a tough time creating wealth for yourself. 
So, moving on to the original topic, let’s get into what  CATT Marketing Funnel ( got it from my mentor Digital Deepak) is all about. 

C – Content 
A – Attention
T– Trust
T– Transaction

We call it that because the entire process of creating a funnel starts from creating useful Content. Anybody would only invest their time and money in your product when your product (content here) adds some value to their life.

Once you know that your content is good, you can grab the Attention of your potential customers through SEO, social media platforms, paid ads, etc.

The next step is to build Trust with your customers. You can use methods like tripwire, re-targeting, etc to do the same. As I mentioned above re-targeting your existing clients is an effective marketing technique.

Once you have achieved the above three, you can finally focus on making a Transaction. Now that a potential client has entered your funnel, it is time to convert that lead into a customer and make sales.

So, start writing, you budding digital marketer!

Traditional marketing v/s Digital marketing

Just because Digital Marketing is the new black does not mean that we can EVER underestimate the power of traditional marketing.

Marketing is an older concept than most of you reading this article and it is so because it still makes sense. Traditional marketing methods include television ads, radio commercials, newspaper ads, cold calling, and late-night TV commercials. And we all know that they are still effective.

If your product is mass-y and your bank balance is smiling at you, then traditional marketing methods is the way to go. But Digital Marketing comes into play when you wish to customize your product, make it more customer-friendly and reach them on a more personal level.

It helps you reach your potential and existing clients in a very personalized manner, where you can directly communicate them, understand their need and deliver what they want.Integrated Digital Marketing

So, now that you know that Digital Marketing is not just one step that you need to learn and follow, here’s how I would want you to understand the holistic approach that it uses.

Take for instance the job of a wedding planner. A wedding planner is the one who plans your entire wedding, from venues to decor, to food, to music, to bride entry, to vendors, and literally everything. And that is how they process. They plan each team and coordinate with every member of the team to go stepwise. 

But, if you tell them to not do the decor but just pick the venue, or not talk with the vendors, just get the food court ready, things will mess up. Wedding planners have a very holistic approach to how they plan your special day. And irrespective of how organized they are, if they are not in charge of the entire process, you will not get the desired results.

Similarly, some of us here believe that only learning SEO, or social media or content marketing would help them grow their own or their client’s business, then you are WRONG my friend. 

Digital Marketing is a very integrated process. One step leads to another and to another and that is how the desired results are achieved.
You work on a content piece, send it to your email list.

There on people read your emails and refer to more links provided by you on the same people. That will help you generate more traffic on your website or blog.

From there you can put that content for SEO ranking and boast about it on social media. Once all of this is done, you can finally start making conversions and sales.

Phew! That was a quite a process, right?

It does sound big, but once you catch the rhythm and get results, you will start enjoying the process. 


MassTrust Blueprint

If you’re into fitness and exercise then you already know that every time we start working out, we first warm up the body, then heat it, sweat out, then again bring the heart rate down and eventually get over with the session. 

So right now we are at the stage of bringing the heart rate to normal again.

Basically it is reward time. 

Now that we’ve intensely discussed how Digital Marketing works, let me tell you that we are about to gain mass trust now.

As taught by my mentor Digital Deepak, Mass Trust is a collective result of all the above-mentioned steps and it is the ULTIMATE key to success.

We learn Digital Marketing with an aim to gain Mass Trust and sell them our product.

Here’s the blueprint of building Mass Trust :

Personal Branding

And if you’re still reading the article, then I am glad to have your attention till now.

The last and final agenda of why a lot of us want to be digital marketers is to build our personal brand.

There might be a few of you who are already writers, SEO experts, Social media managers, or marketers but still struggling to build your own brand.

So, now you can do that too.My favorite advice to you would be ” Do Not Be The Number One. Be The Only One.” (Digital Deepak)

It’s good to aim high, but it’s better to aim rationally.

Instead of trying to beat the best, find your own best, and be at the top.

It’s always a great idea to find a sub-category that you can aim at. If you’re sure about your niche’, half the job is done right there.

You may have started your journey with a job or as a freelancer, but if you can integrate all your learning and put them into practice, the day is not so far when you’ll see yourself as an entrepreneur.

I am hoping that by now the hustler in you is wide awake and all pumped up to get started. Don’t let it stop. Let your journey begin!

In case you took back even a little something from my article, then do leave a comment below and let me know 🙂



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